Logistics VET

Logistics VET


The VET program for Logistics – what’s it all about?

Logistics specialists can be found wherever goods are received, sent, delivered, forwarded and warehoused. Modern technology has had a major impact on logistics: Computers are used to store data, assign storage locations, print orders or map transportation routes. Forklifts and other vehicles are used to collect and move goods.


What qualifications should I have? english premier league betting

As with any vocational apprenticeship, you need to have successfully completed your secondary schooling. In addition, you should enjoy doing practical tasks, have a good sense of order and responsibility, be retentive, a team player, flexible, able to work independently, technically adept and in good physical shape.


Where does the training program take place?

During the three years of this apprenticeship you will spend one day a week at a vocational school. The remaining four days of the week will be spent at Burckhardt Compression AG.


Can I request a trial apprenticeship?

You can do a practice apprenticeship at Burckhardt Compression AG in Winterthur. Requests for a trial apprenticeship and the subsequent screening process will be handled by the AZW Training Center in Winterthur.


Where can I apply for an apprenticeship?

You can send your application directly to the AZW Training Center in Winterthur by email or post:

AZW Ausbildungszentrum Winterthur
Zürcherstrasse 25
P.O. Box 414
CH-8401 Winterthur
[email protected]


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“A career in logistics offers a lot of variety. You are in constant contact with employees from other departments and that enables you to understand and adhere to business processes within the field of logistics. This program is a good starting point for future career pathways in the company.”

Thomas Gmür, practical instructor, logistics