Voice of Customer

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Burckhardt Compression gathers customer feedback at various stages of the customer lifecycle. The Voice of Customer program is just one way of interacting with the customer and learning about their experiences.

“We thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback. The Voice of customer initiative is guiding us to further develop our organization and daily behavior. We take all feedback very seriously and will share with you how we intend to improve your experience, ” says Rainer Duebi, President Services Division.


With the Voice of Customer survey, also called VOC, Burckhardt Compression’s Services Division  continuously improves customer satisfaction levels and foster a culture of customer feedback.  Once a year you will be asked to participate in the VOC, so we can collect your feedback about your experiences and preferences, which we will then use to further improve our products and services and meet all your expectations. Moreover, this platform will remain open for feedback after the survey closes.

Feedback process

You will receive an email asking you to participate in our VOC survey during a certain period. Your feedback will be anonymously reported to the relevant team. After analyzing the results and your feedback, a consolidated global report will be drawn up in reference to our KPI’s and presented to the management of the Services Division and the regions. Feedback culture is handled differently depending on the location and therefore the global results are broken down by region and country to better reflect local requirements.